Albuquerque to Amarillo: Pan Handle Plains Historical Museum, Texas Musical / Drama in Palo Duro State Park - NM&AZ 2011
Marsha at Cadillac Ranch
We had an uneventful drive from Albuquerque to Amarillo.   After checking into our hotel we proceeded on to our planned events for the day.  A half hour drive brought us to Canyon, Texas and the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum PPHM.   Canyon is a small town with the big museum.   The museum has exhibits that range from the paleontology and geology of the area to those that center on transportation and western themes.   There is also, of course, a large exhibit on petroleum.  

Then we drove another half hour to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park for a real Texas event.   This was an evening of surprises. Discovering that the second largest canyon in the country is in the Texas Panhandle?

The volunteer greeters were at the gate to answer questions.   One older gentleman all decked out in his mock cowboy finery approach me and put his arm around me.  In his Texas drawl he noted that he thought I just might need the light jacket I had brought with me since the temperature probably would go down to 90 degrees by 10pm.    

Harry had read about this Musical on the net but really hadn’t shared much with the rest of us.   Everything was done in true Texas style – the setting, the story, the presentation.   The amphitheater is set is a natural basin with the Canyon.   The show is in its 46th season and grows bigger and more spectacular every year.   The cast has 60 actors, singers and dancers.   There are mounted horsemen, stagecoaches, and covered wagons.  There are fireworks and lots of special effects.    The story line is about the early settlers of the panhandle.  A real Texas outdoor extravaganza. 

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