Arizona Biltmore - NM&AZ 2011
To maximize our stay at the Arizona Biltmore we arrived mid-morning -- and plan to stick around tomorrow.   Our room was ready and so we had all afternoon to enjoy the grounds and sit by or swim in the pool.

There are actually five pools.   We chose one a bit off the beaten path and hence quiet.

Our room is in one of the original “cottages”.   Frank Lloyd Wright design evident in the patterned block construction and the corner casement windows.   The color of the buildings is the same as the color of the surrounding hills.   It’s all very restful.

We had our Anniversary Dinner here tonight - one day early.   The staff is impeccably trained and very friendly and helpful.   So much so that the waiter addressed us by our first names etc.   It’s all very restful.

Too bad that this is all way above our usual budget accommodations.   It is, however, a nice splurge and we are enjoying it immensely.   We will check out of our room midday tomorrow and then will enjoy the grounds, pool and spa for the rest of the day.   Then it’s back to Choice Hotels -- stay two different locations, get the next night free...

Photos of Arizona Biltmore (placeholder)

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