Nashville, NC to Asheville, NC: The Hermitage, Nine Mile Restaurant - NM&AZ 2011
Marsha sizing up the competition
First, we took Will to the airport for his 10 am flight. That flight left on time but was diverted to Grand Rapids to take on more fuel before heading to its original Detroit destination. Which, of course, meant he missed his connection and didn’t leave Detroit until 5 pm.   It was a very long day for him.   He kept us posted all day via texts and phone calls.

Before leaving Nashville visited President Andrew Jackson’s Home – The Hermitage.   1,000 acres of the original plantation has been preserved.    The mansion house took 17 years to build.  The Ladies Hermitage Association saved it from ruin in 1889 and they still operate the property today.   As a soldier and politician Old Hickory, did some good and unfortunately a great deal of bad.

He fought to present the advancement of a few at the expense of the many but unfortunately that applied to WHITE MEN.    His treatment of the Cherokee Indians in particular is tragic.    The house was bigger than Harry expected with large rooms and grand furnishings and wallpapers.  

Then we drove from Nashville and Asheville and had dinner at a TripAdvisor recommended Jamaican Restaurant called Nine Mile.  This place has really good food.   We were, however, probably the oldest people in the place.

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