Boone, NC to Chambersburg, PA: Headed for the barn - NM&AZ 2011
A=Boone, NC; B=Chambersburg, PA
This year we were away from our boys on both Mother’s and Father’s Day.   They were great about calling on both occasions.    

It was raining heavily this morning so we decided that driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in a downpour would just not be fun.

We headed for the interstate and started thinking thoughts of home.

We drove NORTH enjoying the North Carolina and Virginia countryside and before we knew it the sign said Welcome to West Virginia.   Another sign saying Welcome to Maryland appeared scarcely a half hour later.   We are now just over the Pennsylvania border snugly in our hotel room for the night in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  

We figure we can probably make it home by tomorrow.

We have travelled through 20 states in 51 days.

         Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey,

         Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado,

         New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas,

         Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and


Fifty of those days were terrific.   That other day is a conglomerate of the half-day lost to the accident on June 9th and the half-day lost to extreme grumpiness a few days ago.

There will be more reflections to come.  

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