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Lenape Indian Interpreter
One thousand children on school field trips and we were at the Conner Prairie Museum today.   OK there were other families with pre-school children and other travelers too.   The place was hopping.   The two major impacts of the large number of school children were that many of the interpreters were thrilled to engage in adult conversation and that the children were for the most part interesting to watch and interact with.    

In the Lenape Indian (today’s Delaware Indians of Oklahoma) Village the two interpreters were extremely knowledgeable and engaging.  They actually were a Lenape Indian and a Fur Trapper.   

In the Prairie town all the interpreters are actual characters who lived in 1836.   They endure the children’s ridiculous questions and redirect them to actual learn something about this time in Indiana history.  It is a very hands on kind of place.  

I even got to stretch out on a rope bed at the Inn.   It was actually much more comfortable that I thought it would be.

When conversing with the Innkeeper he asked where we were headed and when we said Kansas City he indicated that he thought it would take us 40 days.   We made it half way in four hours and will complete the journey in the morning.