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El Rancho de las Golondrinas 

The ranch was founded in 1710 as a stopping place on the Camino Real (the royal road to Mexico City).  As a living history museum it depicts life in Spanish Colonial and Territorial New Mexico.

Since they are not officially open for the season we tagged along with a school group.   Its 200 acres are very picturesque and you can easily imagine life here 300 years ago.   During the “season” there are interpreters doing weaving, shearing sheep, running the gristmill and the like.

All museums in New Mexico have at least one day a week when they are free for New Mexico residents.  That’s wonderful.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas photos (placeholder)

Stroll Around Santa Fe

I dropped Marsha off in the center of Santa Fe so that she could explore.  While she looked around, I worked on our photos and took a nap.  When she got back to the room we worked on places for dinner and our plans for the coming days.  
We had a great dinner at La Choza very close to the Sage Inn -- or maybe it was just the Margaritas.

Pictures from Marsha's Stroll Around Santa Fe (placeholder)