Category: Fonthill - NM&AZ 2011
This entire building is built out of poured concrete -- floors, walls, roofs.
May day - and a glorious spring day it was.

It’s great to be finally off and on the road.

The week leading up to a departure is always so chocker block full of packing, errands, and the dreaded paperwork.  

In Lexington this morning the daffodils, forsythia, and azaleas were blooming and the trees budding forth.   Here in Buck’s County Pennsylvania the trees are in full leaf and the  dogwood trees are blooming.   We made pharmacy stop for allergy medication.  

We love eccentrics - especially when they express themselves by building.   Henry Chapman Mercer built Fonthill his dream house of hand poured concrete in 1910.   He adorned it with handcrafted tiles made in his tile factory (Moravian Tile Works) as well as those he collected on his travels.   Fascinating place.  Mysterious guy  - product of Prep schools, Harvard and Univ of Penn Law School  in late 1800’s then off to Europe for 10 years. Upon his return  he started the Tile Works.  Then  after he inherited his  favorite Aunt’s fortune he started to build Fonthill and a Museum.    

The Mercer Museum is on tomorrow’s agenda.