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This morning we visited the Hacienda de los Martinez.  In 1804 Antonio Severino Martinez and his wife Maria ddel Carmel moved their family from Abiquiu to Taos. Their original four rooms grew in 21 rooms with two placitas (courtyards).   The Hacienda became an important commercial and political center for the Taos Valley.  

La Hacienda de los Martinez photos

The adobe walls are two-feet thick and the exterior has no windows to protect the family from possible Indian raids.

The artifacts and exhibits are expertly displayed and the accompanying written explanations are thorough and informative.

Most of the time we were by ourselves in most of the rooms as it is a time of low tourism in Taos.   They actually have two tourist seasons – the skiers in winter and the tourists in summer.

La Hacienda de los Martinez Religious Icon photos

This afternoon we went to the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Millicent Rogers was an heiress (her father was a partner of J.D. Rockefeller) who travelled widely and settled in Taos.   A beautiful woman who was a talented jewelry designer she collected Navajo and pueblo jewelry, pottery and textiles as well as Hopi and Zuni Kachinas, and basketry.

Millicent Rogers Museum photos of Indian Art

Millicent had rheumatic fever as a child and was in poor health throughout her life and died at age 50.  The museum beautifully displays her legacy.   A real treat.

More Modern Millicent Rogers Museum photos

Then we drove out of Taos to the small and very picturesque town of Arroyo Seco.  Stopping at the local café for coffee – which we had sitting outside in the sun.   Then browsed the shops before continuing to drive up through parts of the Carson national forest to the Taos ski valley and returned through Taos Pueblo land with far reaching views across the valley.   

All in all it was a lovely day in Taos.  

Drive out to Taos Ski Area photos