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Both Marsha and Harry wrote accounts of this day.  

Here is Harry's description:

We stayed around the hotel this morning, cleaning up the car and getting our act together.  We seem to need to do this every week or so.

At around noon we drove the short distance to the Albuquerque International Sunport (although I get the Sun part, not sure if I saw this in isolation, I would think it was an airport).  Nice small airport.  Great area to wait for incoming passengers:  a parking strip where you can watch the airplanes land.  Gives you something to do while waiting.

Ben arrived right on time and we whisked him off to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for lunch.  It was great to see him.  We had a nice lunch in their cafe and then proceeded to see a very good demonstration of Indian dances.  There was a troop of 3 dancers plus their leader who gave a pretty good description of what was going on.  I say pretty good because at times I wished we would see more dancing and less talking, but I did learn some things that I didn't know before, so I guess his talking was a good idea.

The Cultural Center has several different exhibits, include a permanent display of the artifacts of 19 different Pueblos in New Mexico.  I found it interesting to see a group of artifacts from one Pueblo side by side with similar types of artifacts from other Pueblos.  Comparing this with other museums devoted to Indian culture, this museum's strength was the comparative aspect of its displays.  So far, I think the Indian Arts & Culture museum in Santa Fe was the best we have seen.

After the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, we took Ben over to Albuquerque Old Town to walk around and see what has now become a quaint place for tourists to buy souvenirs.  The price of anything unique to take home in this area (as in most areas) of the country has gotten beyond our price range.  I have gotten used to discovering that items that I think I would like to bring home turning out to cost hundreds of dollars, and more than my interest in the item would warrant I pay for it.  

We were all beginning to droop, and so we went back to the hotel for a rest.  After that, we went to a great restaurant that Ben's friend Jeremy recommended -- Sadie's Dining Room.  It was excellent and I would pass on Jeremy's recommendation. 

And, here is Marsha's description:
While waiting for Ben to arrive at the Albuquerque airport today we were impressed by just how civilized it was.  This relatively small airport has a cell phone waiting lot plus a spot to watch planes land and take off.  Ben arrived on time and in good spirits.   We whisked him away to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for lunch followed by Native dances in the courtyard.  The 19 Pueblos that are represented therein run the museum so the dance demonstration was as informative as it was entertaining.

Their permanent exhibition gave us an overview of the Pueblos as well as a good comparison of the artwork and crafts for each Pueblo.

Since Ben had asked for advice of what to see in Albuquerque from his college roommate Jeremy who grew up here Ben called the shots of what we did the rest of the day.   First up was a slow and casual walk around the Old Town and then dinner at Sadie’s an Albuquerque institution.   The food lived up to its reputation for spiciness and for the size of the portions.   There was plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Photos of Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (placeholder)