Category: - NM&AZ 2011
Many of the Red Rock formations have been assigned names.   One that we can see from the balcony of our room is called “Coffee Pot “.   It does look amazingly similar to a giant version of one of those aluminum coffee percolators that used to be in the Maxwell House commercials.  Indeed, one of the streets in the neighborhood closest to the trailhead is Maxwell House Drive.

We hiked in that area first thing this morning and then fittingly had lunch at the Coffee Pot Restaurant.  The décor of which is heavily influenced by images of the Coffee Pot formation. It’s a busy family breakfast kind of place with 100 different omelets on the menu.     

On our previous trip to Jerome we hadn’t had enough time to visit the Jerome State Historic Park.   So we drove the 30 very scenic miles to Jerome.   The Museum is housed in the recently rehabbed home of the owner of the Little Daisy Copper Mine.   Our favorite exhibit here was the model of Jerome.   It included the topography and buildings on the surface but also included a subterranean model of the tunnels and ore deposits. 

The headframe of the mining shaft next to the museum affords the opportunity to stand on the glass platform above the 1900 foot shaft.  This is the largest wooden headframe that still stands in the whole country.   I couldn’t bring myself to stand on that platform and look down but Harry did.   There was also a rescue capsule that although rusted look eerily similar to the device that recently rescued the miners in Chile.  

Then it was back into the town of Jerome to browse among the shops and galleries and talk with the shop owners.    Nice town with terrific people.