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The museum is 5 stories high with a center atrium that is a sight to behold.
The Eric Sloane Museum in Connecticut contains the artwork of Eric Sloane as well as his collection hand tools from times gone by.

The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia displays the impressionist masterpieces collected by Albert Barnes and displayed exactly as he had wished in a building he created for this purpose.  (At least this will be true for a very short while until all is tragically dismantled and moved into a new building in the city center.)

The Venetian Palace Isabella Stuart Gardner created in Boston houses her magnificent collections just as she dictated in her will.

Then there was Henry Mercer - who collected the no longer used tools and implements of generations past.   He displayed all this paraphernalia in a five-plus story solid concrete building with a central atrium.    My first words upon entering that atrium were “oh my”.  

All have left their legacy - Henry’s perhaps a bit stranger than the others but a legacy nonetheless.

It was certainly worth a few hours of our time on a cloudy and drizzly Monday morning in Buck’s country. 

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After Lunch we headed to Ephrata.   A Pennsylvania Dutch area town we had been to previously.   The first time we visited the Ephrata Cloister.  The Cloister was Protestant German religious community that flourished in the mid-18th century.   This is a wonderful place and we recommend coming to Ephrata to see this site.

At that time we both said, “This is a nice town we should come back. “   When travelling one must remember that second visits are invariably not as good as first time experiences.   This held true - but it was just great be out and about on a lovely spring afternoon.  

Tonight we are staying at the Historic Smithton Inn in Ephrata.   Built in 1763.  We have a lovely room with a hand carved headboard and handmade Amish quilt.   Looking forward to the strawberry stuffed French toast for breakfast.   The answer to my inquiry as to how it was made involved french bread, fresh strawberries, amaretto (can’t get enough of that for breakfast) and custard.