Category: Sedona - NM&AZ 2011
A Common Scene in Sedona
Ben planned a more relaxing day for us today.   His day would include some real hiking while ours included some time to just sit and enjoy the scene as well as walking on more level terrain.  He began with a hike into an area called Devil’s Bridge.

We headed for downtown Sedona and a leisurely cup of coffee while watching the passing scene.  When we picked him up a few hours later he was covered in red rock dust and thirsty but quite happy.

Photos of Ben's Hike to Devil's Bridge (placeholder)

Red Rocks State Park, Sedona Airport and Bell Rock

We had a picnic lunch at Red Rocks State Park and drove their loop road then drove up the airport road (the airport is on top of a mesa) and took in the overall view of the entire scene.

Photos from the Airport Mesa (placeholder)

There was a bit of shopping and general touring (read, We had an ice cream cone...) and then the afternoon hike/walk at Bell Rock.   Ben climbed 3/4s of the way up the rock while we strolled around the base as the sun was setting. 

Photos of Ben's Bell Rock Climb (placeholder)

While Ben climbed Bell Rock, we took the flatter trail that went around Bell Rock.  On our return, we all spotted a rather spectacular fire of an RV Camper on the highway.  Here are photos and videos of the fire

Photos of RV Camper fire (placeholder)

Then we drove the 2 hours to Scottsdale to be in position to take Ben to the airport in Phoenix on Sunday morning.

It’s a beautiful place.   We will be returning on Monday to stay for 5 days.