Category: - NM&AZ 2011
For us today was Museum day in Santa Fe.   The problem with the buying the 5 museums in 4 days pass is that you feel obligated to visit all of them.   Considering that previous to this morning we had only visited two that meant it was going to be a busy day.   We did it but were seriously flagging at the end of the day.  All three of the museums are situated on Museum Hill a five-minute drive from the Plaza.

First up, was the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art.    My favorite exhibit there combined the collection of Colonial Art donated to the museum by New Mexico modernist painter Cady Wells with his paintings next to each piece that had inspired them.           

Next up was the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, which specializes in presenting just what its name implies.  Their current special exhibit was “The Life and Art of Tony Da”.   Tony was the grandson of Maria Martinez who was the most revered native potter of her generation. His paintings and pots really spoke to me.

With our stamina seriously flagging we crossed the glorious plaza between the two museums and entered the Museum of International Folk Art.   This museum has always been high on our list because of the Girard Collection.  Alexander Girard and his wife Susan began their collection in 1939 on their honeymoon in Mexico.   Their passion was folk art specifically miniatures.   The vast room devoted to the collection can only display a fraction of the collection so it is also fun to return to see what has come out of storage. When visiting this exhibit I always wish I had a young child in tow.  It will definitely bring out the kid in you.