Enjoying a day in the high desert with Jan and Seamus - NM&AZ 2011
Jan and Seamus's house in Medanales NM
A blue bird unlike any blue bird I know from back east just flitted across my field of view here on Jan and Seamus’ back patio.  The only sounds are the birds twittering in the Juniper, the hum of the hummigbirds,  and the typewriter keys.   There are no other buildings in site and the view stretches for…. (well forever) in every direction.  

We arrived here yesterday at mid-afternoon after having driven the high road from Taos to Espanola.   

We are so enchanted by the scene and the company that we do not feel the need to wander afield today. I have only written this much today because I can touch type and look out upon the scene at the same time. 

Scenes from Jan and Seamus's Home

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