Fort Smith National Historic Site, William J . Clinton Presidential Library and Museum - NM&AZ 2011
About an hours drive east of Oklahoma City we began to see green grass and trees.   This, for us, was interesting because it was something we hadn’t seen in great quantity for the 5 weeks. 

Then there were lakes.   We had been seeing lakes but they were the variety created by dams.   All these things were welcome sights.  The humidity and the flies and mosquitoes were not.

Fort Smith National Historic Site

The half-waypoint of our drive today was Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Since the Fort Smith National Historic Site is there we decided to stop for an hour.   The first fort on this site on the Arkansas River was built in 1817 to assist in quieting hostilities between the Cherokee and Osage nations.   In 1830 the Fort served as a stopping point on the forced migration of additional native tribes now known as the “Trail of Tears”.   Later the U.S. Government set up a federal courthouse at Fort Smith.   U.S. Marshalls were dispatched to arrest and bring to trial the outlaws who had been terrorizing the Indian territories.  

Photos of Fort Smith National Historic Site (placeholder)

William J . Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

We continued out drive to Little Rock and arrived in time to have Will spend the hour (before they closed) at the William J . Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.   Harry and I had been there before but still found it to be inspirational.   Will found much of interest including the special exhibit, which has items from the Smithsonian Collection relating to Elvis.  

We finished the day with an appropriate dinner at Little Rock’s award winning bar-b-q restaurant Whole Hog Café the #2 best restaurant in Little Rock, according to TripAdvisor.

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