Phoenix: Accident, Univeristy of Phoenix Tour - NM&AZ 2011
Today was a horrible, no good, very bad day.  I have to start telling this tale by saying that in some ways it was also a very lucky day. 

We are fine, we had a car accident, the passenger side of the car is damaged especially the van door.  The side curtain air bags deployed and saved us from being banged up.  The young woman in the car that hit us was also unhurt.  Her car had some front-end damage.  The Phoenix police took their time showing up but were nice and efficient after they did.  A lovely woman who was a receptionist in a nearby office building invited us into her blessedly air-conditioned waiting room and distributed water bottles all around.    After a 10 minute visit to a nearby repair shop where they applied well chosen brute force methods including making excellent use of a large hammer to knock the wheel well fender back into shape and a sharp utility knife to get rid of the used air bags we were back on the road a bit shaken but good to go. 

We regrouped over lunch and then Harry and Will took a tour of the University of Phoenix Stadium home of Arizona Cardinals (Football).  The outside of the stadium is impressive architectural statement.   The inside looks like any other NFL stadium with the exception that because it’s a domed stadium and they want to have a natural grass surface they have the entire field planted on a tray that moves on tracks into the stadium from the sun drenched outdoors.  

Then we took Will to the Arizona Biltmore for a snack on the back patio so that he could check out of scene.

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