Phoenix to Sedona: Jeep Tour - NM&AZ 2011
Leaving the heat of Southern Arizona behind we headed back to Sedona.   This time, to show Will the Red Rocks. We had a picnic in Red Rocks state park, drove up the airport Mesa to see the view, and sampled the ice cream in town.   Then it was time for the Jeep Ride we had booked with Safari Tours.   There is a Jeep tour company in Sedona called Pink Jeeps.   They are everywhere.

We just couldn’t see ourselves riding around in a Pink Jeep.   Safari Tours fit the bill.   Our driver Mike, who we have decided to refer to as Cowboy Mike, entertained us with Cowboy Stories during the ride out of town and while returning.   Mike said that a Cowboy story as three elements: 1) some of it is true,  2) the outcome is good and 3) it always ends with – “and that’s a true story”.   

The scenery was fantastic – especially since we had elected to take the sunset tour.   This meant that the setting sun was at just the right angle to make the Red Rocks glow.   There was also a sufficient amount of backcountry driving along rough roads and some places where there were not any roads.

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