Pittsburgh to Fishers, Indiana - NM&AZ 2011
This morning we packed up – hugged Don & Ann and headed West.  Tonight we are just north of Indianapolis.  Tomorrow, we are going to spend the day at the Conner Prairie Museum.  We went over to scout out the place when we got here and talked with a very nice person at the reception desk.  She told us about the museum, how she had been an interpreter (they now call them something else) for 10 years prior to coming into the reception center.  She was involved in the production of the DVD Opening Doors to Great Guest Experiences and seemed very proud of her involvement in that.  The purpose of this DVD is to "help train interpreters at museums across the country to  better engage their guests".  Marsha had seen this DVD and in fact, this was the reason we put this Museum on our itinerary.

Whatever you call them, guides do their thing in character -- like at Plymouth Plantation.  Our friend at the reception said that one of the problems is that the first way visitors think of reacting to this is to try to get the interpreters to go out of character -- rather than to be a little creative and ask them questions about the vast amount of information they know about 1836 on the prairie.

One of the "fun" things that happened on our drive today is that a large piece of plastic cowling decided to separate itself from underneath the car’s front bumper.  Not a big deal, but we probably need to get it replaced sometime.

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