The Apache Trail - NM&AZ 2011
The Apache Trail is a 190-mile loop road that takes you into the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix.   The trail was constructed in the 1930s prior to the building of the Roosevelt Dam.  The drive is picturesque and challenging.   Especially the unpaved 22 miles of Scenic Byway that winds up and down the mountain passes.

The views run the gamut from canyons, to lakes and desert.  We saw whole hillsides of blooming Saguaro cactus as well as bright yellow Agave’s.   Although this is not the worst stretch of road we have ever traversed it does qualify as treacherous.

It took us all day to drive the loop with stops along the way.  We checked out the old gold mining town of Goldfield. Stopped at the scenic vista overlooking Canyon Lake.  Checked out the teeny town of Tortilla Flat.  Held our breathe around every turn of the unpaved section of road.   Had a picnic lunch by the very windy Apache Lake.  Marveled at Roosevelt Dam.   And enjoyed the passing scene through the old Copper Mining Towns of Globe and Superior. 

Photos from The Apache Trail (placeholder)

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