Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City, OK; National Route 66 Museum, Oklahoma City Memorial - NM&AZ 2011
Oklahoma City Memorial to those killed on April 19, 1995
Hot Hotter Hottest -  triple digit temperatures.

We had been in 100 + degree heat in Phoenix but now we were starting to experience a bit of humidity along with it.  

When we cross over the border in Oklahoma City I burst into song.

Ok – la – ho – ma . . .Oklahoma . . .OK    etc.    Then I wondered just how many other people in other cars crossing the border were being shushed by their travelling companions.   The answer is, of course, all of them.  

Somewhere along the road I saw a sign for one of the many Route 66 Museums in this part of the country and decided to pull off the Interstate and check it out.   So we headed into Elk City, Oklahoma to check it out.   The National (self named) Route 66 Museum paid tribute to Route 66 with a variety of exhibits.   The museum site also had many buildings moved there from other sites and arranged on the grounds like a small town.   It was pleasant to walk around and few the artifacts of days gone by despite the unbearable heat.

Back into the air conditioned car and we continued the trip to OKC.  After a short photo op for Will at the local stadium we went to the Oklahoma City Memorial at the site of the Murrah  Federal Building.  The outdoor memorial is simple and striking.   A simple reflecting pool with large stone gates at either end and the grassy slope where the building once stood.  One empty brass and glass chair for each life lost.   A building adjoining the site now contains a museum.   With great dignity and respect it tells the story of the site before 9:03 am that April morning and then the aftermath.  The hope is that those visiting will go away with the conviction to fight the ignorance that led to the bombing.

We made it to our hotel in time to order takeout and hunker down to watch the Bruins even up the Stanley Cup game tally at 3-3.

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