Church with Jan and Seamus in Santa Fe; Strolling around Santa Fe; Reception for Sculptor Father Earl Rohleder - NM&AZ 2011
Marsha with sculptor Earl Rohleder.
When in Rome do as the Romans do.   When in Medanales do as Jan and Seamus do.   It was Sunday morning so we all went to Church in Santa Fe.   At the Westminster Presbyterian Church we were lucky enough to meet many of J&S new friends and share a meal with them after of service.  The potluck had a definite southwestern tone with the addition of kimchee.  The Presbyterians share their building with the Korean Church and this Sunday the services and potluck were all together.  This meant that the service was in English, Spanish and Korean.  To add to the mix one of the musical interludes was from the Shaker Tradition.   We loved it all and really enjoyed meeting new friends.

Since J&S live an hour outside Santa Fe any trip into the “big” city means errands.   Which were accomplished swiftly.

Then we went to an art show by their dear friend Father Earl Rohleder.   The words on the sculpture that greeted us at the gate were “Peace to the Whole Place”.  Father Earl donates all the proceeds garnered from the sale of his metal sculpture to projects that help the poor in South America.  His sculpture is whimsical.  Frequent themes are peace and nature.  This gathering also enabled us to meet more of J&S friends and enjoy the home and garden of a sculptor friend of Earl’s.  We bought the piece Earl is holding: Should be a nice greeting at our door, complete with a doorbell button in the round mouth.  J&S purchased a piece entitled “The Funky Chicken” and took it home and placed it in their garden were it happily bobbed its head in approval.     

New Mexico trivia:

The state tie?

The bolo tie.

The state question is?

Red or Green?  Chili that is ...

Photos from Reception for Father Earl Rohleder (placeholder)

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